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Hey Little Sister

December 29





Hey Little Sister


Who pulls the trigger, you or I, in this Shotgun relationship?   Is it more to the point if you slit my throat or if I slit my own?  I only ask for the sake of expedience, rudeness was never my intent.  I know we both wish this dilemma resolved with due speed and precision where possible.  I am not as concerned with my survival as much as neatness all around.  I hate to leave you with a mess and I would tuck my tail and go, but I have tried that before and still we end up here, so lets end this shall we and hope that there are better worlds than this to find after we have shattered the sugar egg we used to live in.









Tend your human ivory






I am unloved though most everyone loves me


I am unwanted though there are those who stand in line


I am unknown though people who’ve met me never forget


I am unconscious though I seem awake


Because today it is about how I feel not what is real