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Helping Hands?

September 8





Helping Hands?



Why would you go to a rattler for a snakebite remedy?  It feels so much like the hair of the dog that bit me.  The truth is I must, must stay away from the quick answers.  I am a slow healer, but I do heal if I allow myself to do so unencumbered by poison or untruth.  When I am returning to the vomit of my past it is incumbent upon me to search for the old lies and/or the new ones, either or both will get me drunk; do I even need the help of a prescription pad? 




Never cage harbingers







Trying to get credit for everything I do

Has run me into debt in my anonymity account

Which draws directly from my humility bank.


I cannot expend my resources seeking acknowledgement

And expect to retain much dignity or class.

How can I build within, while constantly grasping,

For nods and smiles from scenery and landscaping?


I want approval so much that I have lost my center.

In an attempt to top the charts I forgot my song.

My ego writes checks that my soul can’t cover.


I run my potential into the red

Looking to get my name in black and white.

If I keep my name out of lights

I have a chance of building up my dignity.