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Green Wood
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September 26



Green Wood


When a nail is hammered into a living tree, the tree is forever changed.  Even if the barb is pulled out the tree will never be the same.  If the spike remains and the tree lives; over time the nail will be incorporated, the tree will get on with the business of living and carry the thing as just a part of what it took to get here.  What was trauma is trauma, but life is big and the longer it gets the larger the life, is the hope.  Piercing experience is engulfed by rings of fresh wood and a will to grow beyond the moment of impact.  The tree branches out and even a hundred nails can’t stop that.



Educate domination when you can and cage it when you have to






In a clearing grows a vine

As seasons change the leaves turn pale.

This type of vine grows throughout the woods

But does it grow pale everywhere

Or only in this sunlit space?


I see the trembling of the lovely foliage

And wonder the destiny of the flora.

Does growth have a will of it own?

Does it grow to light or is it a must?


Can I turn my face

Even if Virginia Creeper cannot?

And if I can------------

Should I just to prove a point?



You are reading selections from More Sober on the Way to Sane and Lines From My Life by Sherrie Theriault