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Go Where It's Warm

August 17



Go where it’s warm



The intangible rightness of cohesion is difficult to explain.  What is it that makes a group congregating into a congregation?  What makes a rag tag tousle into a home group?  It is the thing I yearn for, but dare not chase.  I know this too makes a grub into a butterfly, yet private transformation seems necessary, where the change of masses is gratuitous.  A thousand geese fly overhead; arrows of individual miracles, pointing the way to the meaning of it all.



Score your rhythm so you can reflect the music of your soul






What about the dreamer?

What about her, responds my sponsor.

You ask me about her like I was the one

Who pushed her off the cliff.


Are you saying I pushed her,

I questioned my sponsor.

Yes, that is just what I am saying.

Do you need me to sing it?


You wanted the dreamer to fly off,

To safety and happiness

And wanted her to take you with her.

In an attempt to grab hold of her ankles

And propel her to heaven

You threw her off the precipice.


Now she is broken and bleeding

Far from your sight

Your dreamer is damaged

And you ask about her?


Do you want to know what you did

And how to remedy it

Or were you looking to duck responsibility?




You are reading selections from More Sober on the Way to Sane and Lines From My Life by Sherrie Theriault