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May 28





After long years I have made my own acquaintance, friendship is on a far distant shore.  I know who I am and can recognize myself on the street or in a crowded room.  I have a legitimate sense of wariness of the afore mentioned persona, nothing too nasty, just a discomfort.  She is not someone I would bring home, maybe not even share a meal with but I can stand her, minus intimacy, minus any deep empathy.  I feel an awkwardness in acknowledging her, strange as this might sound, she is no one to be ashamed of, not a truly bad actor and yet the reports say she doesn’t live up to her potential and I have it on personal authority that she actually surpasses it on most days and keeps this a closely held confidence.  And there it is, I know her secrets but I don’t keep her.  This is what makes me strange and her stranger.  




Catch your reflection in the eyes of a friend






There are fairy tales I never gave credence to

Multiple bear stories don’t move me

Cats with footwear have not warranted a second thought.


True love-----------

Now that one I still buy

Hook line and sinker.


Work hard---------

And true love will fix the rest

That is what I have always believed.

The evil spell I have walked under


During my sad little life will be broken

Only by the durable and fulfilling love of my betrothed.

Each time this plan fell through


The blame was left to the wrongness of the match

But not the wrongness of the plot


Anytime I work to be restored to sanity by one person

I have displaced a rightful power


And thrown myself to the sea.