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Deny One, Deny the Other


October 11





If you want to deny the problem, by necessity you must deny the solution.  Resolving a problem whose existence is rejected creates a split in the crust of collusion.  Oftentimes, the convolution and reconvolution of addiction causes a bloated roiling mass that rolls through the streets of sanity.  How can a wedge be cut in a creature so dense?  How can I work on piecing together remedies when I am readily assured by fellow sufferers there is NO DIS-EASE?  Can I trust my personal depletions?  Can I employ faith to a resolution when faith is utilized to fortify the contagion I’m told doesn’t exist?  But if not faith, what?



Count out all the buttons in your box.







I have lived life like one long fire drill.

Is there smoke?  Not always, but I fear flames.

The alarm in my head is with me always

and I walk from my life single file and silent.


I don’t move on, this is only a drill, ‘

I don’t want to take drastic action, this will pass,’

is my constant thought,

though, I can not remember a time without the buzz.


I have stood outside my life so long

practicing in case of an emergency

that there is no life to protect.


I have been conscientious to the point

of being consumed by caution.

Balance requires risk.

I must be brave enough to have it all.