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Defining the Indefinable

August 28



Defining the Indefinable


What is Alcoholism?  What is a Hurricane?  What is a Cataclysm? I know I look for the root cause, look to predict the outcome, look to prevention and preservation of this thing which comes pouring from the four winds to land in my dooryard and knock on my screen door.  What it shows me today, the furious winds, the slanting rain, may not be how it presents tomorrow, but I must keep in mind it is all the same storm and must be regarded with the same respect and treated with the same care and diligence.  Whether it’s the thirst or the thinking, a jail cell or my mental mouse trap, alcoholism is an umbrella term for the tsunami, which came to collect me, but no definition will convey the devastation it has wrought.



Make sure you are more than your memories






Meetings are living and precious fruit

I must squeeze every drop from them

even the lemons.


I am privileged to be among the succulent growth

and pungent fragrance of determined hearts

and minds ----the infusion of strength.


The vitality received from the essence of truth

gives and gives to me.

I am refreshed by exposure to raw talent

revived by action and growth.


The diversity of shape and flavor

cheer and inspire me.

The contrast from bowl to challis is dramatic

ever a reminder to stay where it’s fresh.


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