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Crazy Time

December 19






Crazy Time



Picking the right time to be crazy seems to be the key to getting away with it.  Wanting to get away with it slants the field a tad.  What crazy is changes from place to place, which puts all the more emphasis on the timing.  The surrounding company and barometric pressure play parts and put on airs.  Lighting, lighting must also be involved, I assure you I don’t know how and can’t calculate the Ohms, but I flip the switches in case it helps.  I have mapped for you a fair amount more than I know.  I wish you well on your attempt, for crazy is a kindred club, I would hate for you to feel inept.





Admire your friends



The rest of what I have to say
I will slip under your gravestone.
If I have time after I buy the red dress.
To say I hate you is an overstatement.
I only detest what I know of you
The rest I leave to other people
Who might have the misfortune to cross your path.
Your unavailability can protect you
From anything I could ever do to you.
Your hurt and arrogance is far worse punishment.
If I thought you were worth the energy of an attempt.
Having to be you everyday must make it hard
To leave the bed in the morning.
I know I couldn’t do it if I had to
Drag your baggage around all day.
The sad part is I’m not sure you know it’s baggage.
You might think it’s armor
But your misnaming of everything
Is just another of the things I never miss about you.
Which is why although I pray every day
For your wellbeing for the sake of mine
If I never see you again
It might just be long enough.