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Coocoo's Nest


December 20





I ran away to join the zoo hoping a life contained would calm me.  The segregation hit me first; isolated exclusively with those of my stripe drove my thirst for diverse scents and opinion.  Next, the monotony of the landscape bore into my brain.  The well-meaning effort of the keepers bears the mark of folks who go home at night.  The blandness of the food and music lent nothing to the experience, and antiseptic could drive anyone wild.  The final blow, the one that struck constantly and coldly, was the stream of observers waiting to be entertained.



Embrace plain tools and fine minds.




Home Fires Burning


I have trouble living with myself,

that is why I live with you.

It takes my mind off the things I don’t wish to face.


What I can busy myself within your service

lightens the load of expectation heaped in my DNA

by my Higher Power and Fate.


Worry is time consuming

and I wile away hours fretting over you

and all your unresolved trifles

while turning my back entirely on my life.


I couldn’t be happier to have you,

though from the corner of my eye

I glimpse God packing your bags.