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November 9






Large bugs cling to the soffits, upside down, as an alternative to the rain soaked landscape.  I salute their efforts to find security in a shrinking list of possible locations.  Awkward situations place me, fingertips and toenails holding position, trying to avoid life’s harsher choices.  Bitter, chilling options are cheerful alternatives to no options at all.  I can take the difficult positions as an advantage.  I have survived and this is the goal of the game.  I am here come what may.  I make the best of the worst times so God can help me make the best of the best times.



Turn with the tide.


Picture Window



When God sticks His face in my window it brightens my day.

What that shining face looks like in other windows I do not know,

but I try to memorize the eyes, the brow, the winning smile

before my time is up and the wind shifts.


The flash of a friendly face lights up the house,

my yard, the corners of my soul.

I imbibe the rich glow before it moves on,

letting my core charge with incandescence, warming my mettle.


I am long and longing for this happy countenance

and only when the blocks tumble in my mind

do I realize that it is two- way glass in that window

and stick my face in it and offer it to God.