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Cicatrix and Love

July 18



Cicatrix and Love




The mark left by injury is indelible though it may heal, the consequence remains.  This is also true of love.  I am branded and changed by your affection.  The improvement wrought in me does not leave when you do.  If you stop loving me, can you no longer remember my name, my face, my sigh; I am better for having had your love if only for a short time.  Good medicine offers lasting results; the miracle of your love is my health.  The blush in my cheek, the revitalization I feel is traceable to you, to the days you held me in your heart and the nights you held me in your arms.  And though I want you back in my world the best of you lives on in my life.




Slice time with your thoughts and peer through the pieces








Right next to this world is the globe that I came from.

The landmarks are similar but these spheres have little in common

The angle of refraction illuminates the place of my origin

The source of this light is legend.


On my home planet, the existence of sobriety is cast off as myth.

I held onto this tale with my heart.

I slipped the gravitational bonds of crazy one night

By the glow of the ready button on the coffee pot.


Here and there intersect at only one point

A room with some chairs and a circle with a triangle.

The meeting was on step one

And it was a good place to jump in.