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Chickens and Eggs
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April 15



Chickens and Eggs



Who is more sober the early riser or the long-timer?  How do we get here and what does it mean.  It all starts with a day, which is good because this is more than we had hoped for, sometimes more than we could do.  Then it moved into an ever escalating game of can you beat this, each day an improvement over what had been accomplished the day before.  For years the standard bearer is the pain or relief of the very first in this string, orbs of 24, yet here stands the question, “Is the essence the last pearl you touch or the total of the strand, which makes it real?”   I don’t know for sure.   Sobriety is like light; is light made up of waves or is it made up of particles and the answer is invariably yes, for it is.  And what you need and how you look at it seems to make the determination, scientific method or no, the watched is affected by the watcher and vice versa.  The end is a day round and imperfect as any and what is strung between the beginning and the end is what you’ve made of it.





Never underestimate bitterness






Up and away is my motto

Upwardly mobile is my goal


If I can flee without leaving a track

I'm clean


No heart wrenching walk down the isle or lane

No dust on my shoes, no possibility of stumbling


Grace at all cost

Empowerment through elevation


If I must leave my human plane to attain this, so be it

Give up my natural rights, such is life


But yet, if I lose my bonds to earth

What did the leaving gain me?


I arise, to appear better

As a result, I appear not at all