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January 13






How can my sensibility catch my intellect?  Or find a map with enough information to get my heart to the current location of my mind?  What are the common markers recognized by soul and brain?  I know the pulse of my wrist is counter-pointing the firing of my synapses.  My life signs run their course and I struggle to find the intersections.  I long for more than signposts and curbing.  I would like parallels, paradigms and conclusions.  There must be a place of common home and hearth.  I am looking for the depot of my life.  I hope I hit it before I hit the coast.



Warm your heart with your thoughts.






I often feel out of round

and unmatched to my counterparts.

Awkwardly I sit unable to strike a plausible pose.


I want my asymmetry to seem chic.

I feel a victim of universal ugliness

and gracelessly plod through my days.


Luckily offset thinking,

the partner of my offset soul, saves me.

I see that I am uniquely useful,


Like a screwdriver set at right angles

for use where a straight one could not reach.

I am counterbalance and compensation.


I may be lateral but I am also collateral.

I am an embellisher, beneficial in unexpected ways

and shouldn’t seek to be inline with the multitude.


I am the new growth,

the spur to the future.