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Calm, Peaceful, On

December 18





Calm, Peaceful, On




Once I center my mind I can type in the dark.  All it takes is me present and willing to flow.  Limber up the learning curve, press my fingers to the keys, let the story tell its tale.  Cease the interjections lest it all go stale.  There is nothing much to know, its all inside, I just let it go.  Emptying this crowded vault, I open up to prevent assault.  What to do when it hits the page; marketing is all the rage, but for this task I need a light.  To sell myself I must be bright.




Paste pictures on your mental partitions






What keeps me coming back to meetings and step work
Is an abiding mistrust of booze.
Despite promises and advertisement, hope and folklore
I couldn’t rely on drinking to take me where I wanted to go.
And surely couldn’t depend on it to keep me there.
The struggle is great; the attempt to cling to salvation
Though decanter is mighty but in the end
This joining of my chemistry to another failed miserably.
No matter how I held my mouth
Held my head, held my liquor
Satisfaction escaped without me and I was left here
In the soup of my disillusion and disappointment.
I may not always succeed in my recovery
But I can draw dividends on every deposit
And use this to build a path to my desires.