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Bowman Beach

October 17




Bowman Beach



The swirl with the flash of teeth that I backed away from turned out to be dolphin, but that didn’t make me safer, strangers are strangers no matter who their PR team is.  When I am out of my element fear grows long leads and I am bound by these limits.  Who I am under new circumstances is a discovery I make as time flies by.  Can I swim and play with exuberance or will I drown trying to catch up?  I am able and disabled, the line is tied from the back and I don’t know its length.  I unreel as much slack as I can and test my reach, but still I must keep my wary eye and be careful of the deep.









Think of something nice to say about a pigeon





I called and rambled at my sponsor.
After a significant time had past she stopped me
And asked--with a tone in her voice--
Why are you calling me?
Startled I replied, for your advice?
Are you sure that’s why you called?
Because I can give you my advice
But I have given advice to you before
And received only a severe case of the
Yeah Buts’-----in return.
I was about to say, yeah but, you don’t understand,
When she cleared her throat to quiet me
And continued what she was saying.
Seems to me you want more than a sober ear-
You want Magic.
You want me to take your crazy dramatic thinking
Put it in a hat and pull it out formed as all your dreams
And then you want credit for making it happen.
But Kitten, I have news for you I’m not Mr. Roark
And this is not Fantasy Island.
This is sobriety and you can’t just have your way.
This is when I realized I was a dry drunk.
I don’t know what the first signs are
But I do know when your sponsor asks-
And you’re calling me why? The jig is up.




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The Jig's Up

Good thing I looked further down the page (I wanted to read more), because there was your quick Ah ha! moment captured so nicely. I enjoyed it all, but especially the poem.

Looking forward to more,

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Thank you so much!


I am so glad you took the time to read all the way through my post. I post every day, same format. I look forward to your future comments!


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