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Blind Man's Bluff


August 18




Blind Man’s Bluff




Turning your head to see doesn’t help when you have a blind eye.  All the rotation in the world won’t restore your sight.  Addressing life problems with a solution involving spin is counter productive and sometimes counter clockwise to boot.  If I find I just can’t see, then maybe it’s time to listen better and compensate for my shortcoming through some other action.  Turning away doesn’t help and walking away is worse.  When I am blind in one eye and can’t see out of the other stepping up to the plate may not be an option, but I still need to find a way to stay in the game.







Molt bad ideas






My public privacy is protected

By my smile not my scowl.

Maintaining boundaries as I travel

The common areas of life

Is more readily accomplished

By a pleasant demeanor than a dark stare.


I have used negative attitude

And found myself outside of my own protection.

The buoyancy of my manner keeps surface tension

A natural and acceptable reality.

Hooded behavior drags every interaction

Into suspicion.


When I make part of my business

To put others at ease

It is easier for me to preserve

My business as my own.