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Basket Ball

October 26



Basket Ball




Idiots out number poets, this is a fact, though I do wonder why.  It cannot be an easy lot spending your days in slow witted discharge; I would think they might at least try putting pen to paper.  I think I would rather live in a world filled with bad poets rather than drifting on this ship of fools, but the troubadours rise with imbeciles as their cover and poems fall from favor.  I wonder how I could make verse a contagion, how could I make it spread?  You may laugh at me, but think what some guy did with a broken peach basket and a rubber ball.










Check your gait for swing





Serious language, deep language, real language
Helps me by grounding me.
I don’t have to be nice for company
When I can just tell the truth.
I needn’t have guests with virgin ears
Or unrealistic expectations,
I no longer pander to such foolishness.
I know the layered meaning of my words.
I value the intensity of a large vocabulary.
I am not intimidated by prudish co-conspirators
Who stare down pointed noses
At powerful utterances.
Weak words make poor boundaries
And breed victims.
I will not be trapped by niceties
I will speak clearly out of necessity.