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December  25






Want to learn it fast but not deep?  Just go to meetings and listen with half an ear.  Call your sponsor only for her birthday and anniversary and tell her about all the things you are not doing anymore but none of the things you are.  Skim the books for good quotes that sound impressive when they pass your lips but whose meaning has no chance of passing your heart.  Find playmates and cliques, not a home group, and surely not a service commitment.  Things fall out of orbit when they run out of juice and you will too.  This program is not an air lock on the way to worlds unknown; it is a way to live in the world you know.  There is no question that you have the right stuff.  The question is, do you want what we have?



Hug your feelings, pat their heads, then let them go.





Einstein’s Apple


Time is a player in every play,

forever running forward

even as I try to claw my way into the past.


If I don’t provide a role,

time writes itself in

without regard for my intended plotline.


Like the weather,

time is by turns gentle and fierce.

I must pay attention lest I run afoul of it

and lose my life and limb.


Though time is an arc I see swinging in my mind

it is still the arrow shot

and I am simply the fool with the apple.