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Age and Death

December 22



Age and Death



When death was young

It did its job cleanly no mincing about

Now the uncertainty and old age tremble

Leave the world filled with half dead zombies

Living is less for the faltering of death

I would rather be struck down swiftly with a scythe

Than bludgeoned endlessly with a butter knife




Sing with the wind



Before Pearls



You must stop crying

You must


The endless tears will poison you

Your teeth and soul, the life of you


Just because you don’t know how you can go on

Doesn’t mean the world will stop to let you off


The raw red rough of it will drag you to its lair

Doing what it will with you, there is no hope to spare


Unloved child you must go on

Lied to and misguided doesn’t change the time


There is nowhere to lie down and sleep

No safe and sheltered home


So dry your face, pick up your pack

Carry all your freight


Close your eyes to beauty

Close your ears to lies


You are the only oyster

The sand your only prize