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A Little Extra Hope


October 2





“What will you do with a little extra hope?” asked my quizzical sponsor.

“What good is a little hope?” my retort.

“A little hope got you sober.  What can you do with a little more?  Could you take out your dreams and fly them on a breeze?  Could you throw yourself into a wave of intention and see if you can ride it out?  Breathe easier, smile broader?  Take my hand tighter and walk the road awhile longer before you run for refuge?  Now let me ask you a better question.  What couldn’t you do with a little more hope?”




Wash as a meditation.





Tragedy is a tale unfinished.

Life is far longer than calamity can endure.

I will not give up, not even when hope is lost.


For life carries forward;

more is filled with optimism.

Threads break, but the fabric is woven still,

flowing off the living loom waiting to be used.


I will cut my swath and fashion a garment to wear

and if sometimes it is filled with ashes

I will sit and grieve

all the while knowing that this is never the stories end.