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Curled Up Book Reviews: The Weight of Silence
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Lillian Brummet
Curled Up Book Reviews

In this book Shelley brings the reader along to join in an emotional journey of India’s orphanages and slums. The Weight of Silence: Invisible Children of India is a highly entertaining book. My lips were trembling and eyes began watering by page 11 and by page 41 I had belted out laughter several times causing my husband to say “what?” with growing frustration. Readers will be welcomed to each new chapter with quotes from Mahatma Gandhi and Martin Luther King Jr. among other amazing individuals that have graced this planet.

Learn about the issues facing children around the globe by exploring the slums of India. Orphanages and the occasional loving neighborhood home are crammed full of hungry children from poor and destitute families. Lack of education, understanding, facilities and staff are the chains that place weight on the wings of these young dreamers, and they have a big chance of repeating the cycle that their family, friends and neighbors are in. Yet this book is filled with hope. Huge hearts and individuals from around the globe are standing up to create a wave of conscious steps toward a better planet. Buy this book – you won’t put it down until the last page has been turned and it is certain to be one of your favorites on the bookshelf.