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How Does She Do It?

The trip to the Salvation Army Store was a success. I found a baby gate for $3.50, complete with hardware and instructions. Having a husband who knew how to use an electric screw driver helped. Because less than an hour later, the baby gate was installed, closing off the staircase that ran from our deck to the street, thereby creating a safe, sunny, outdoor arena for Kellie & Abby - our dogs.

And it worked!... for two days. Did I mention that Kellie is a Border Collie mix? On the scale of dog smartness, her breed ranks at the top. For two days I was smug in the knowledge that through thriftiness and ingenuity, I had created a patch of outdoor living for my girls (previous to this, they were fully indoor doggies). On the second day, while glancing outside expecting to see them snoozing in the warm sun, I could not spy anything having a black and white coat. Kellie was gone. But how and where and why?? And for how long?!

I opened the baby gate, and scurried down to the street, calling for Kellie. Of course she wasn't wearing her collar with ID - in my years working for the humane society how many times did I hear this same, lame explanation from caller after caller, whose dogs had gone missing. My eyes would roll and my patience at their stupidity would morph. And now here I was, no dog, and she, no tags.

It took the appearance of a person walking her three dogs to bring Kellie back to me. She had been nestled in the neighbors ivy, engaged in serious sniffing, when the jangle of collars and leashes brought her back to reality. That's when she came flying from my neighbors yard, just in time to greet the passersby.

The important things in life...

I've since reinstalled her collar, double checked the baby gate, and found the perfect perch to spy. I may never know "why" she escaped, but I'll soon know "how."