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Happily married for 21 years
Jan 2008

Shelley Frost is the co-author of YOUR ADOPTED DOG: Everything You Need to Know About Rescuing & Caring for a Best Friend in Need, and THROW LIKE A GIRL: Discovering the Body, Mind & Spirit of the Athlete in You. Through her company Make-A-Movie Studios, Shelley has written and produced over 50 movies involving hundreds of children. Shelley has also written numerous articles on animal topics for various publications including Vegetarian Times, Animals Agenda, Pawprint, and Animals Voice Magazine.

Shelley has produced numerous children's videos including "Kidstuff with Dick Clark," "Real Girls, Real Sports," "Little Patriots," "Tot Talk Around the World," and "Babymugs!" which garnered Shelley a guest spot on the Oprah Show, Dateline NBC, and a profile in People Magazine.

Born and raised in the San Francisco Bay Area, Shelley has volunteered and worked for local animal welfare organizations for 27 years. Currently she is producing a documentary about one man's efforts to decrease pet overpopulation in Mexico.

Shelley lives with her husband Kevin, her 13 year old son Bret, and Kellie and Abby, her two adopted Mexican daughters... I mean dogs.


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