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Coming this Fall. Two New Books. Vacation Destinatiion Florida Presents: Ultimate Guide to Florida & St. Augustine

Vacation Destination Florida presents our new newest published works coming this fall. The Ultimate Guide to Vacation in Florida and America's Best Travel Guide to Historic St. Augustine.

Don't miss these two great reads and enjoy the amazing adventures, stories  and information.

The world's greatest playground,  Florida is magical! It is the home of many thrilling adventure opportunities. Millions of visitors come to Florida  each year, making it the No.1 tourist destination in the world.

Whether traveling from within the United States, or from abroad, a successful vacation in Central Florida depends upon having the perfect personal tour guide in your hand.

This travel guide provides all the important and necessary information for visitors desiring to experience life to the fullest in Orlando, Florida. It will equip the reader with all the tools necessary to plan a day, week or month trip with simplicity and ease. Consider this book a guidepost that will help savvy travelers get the most out of a day trip or vacation.

Five great features offered ONLY by Aberdeen Bay's Travel Guide to Orlando 2009:

1. Details on the best guided tours on foot and by bus, train, bicycle, and trolley

2. A complete guide to Orlando's cultural and historic sights-with helpful hints for making the most of your time

3. Hotels reviewed and ranked for value and quality-plus secrets for getting the lowest rate possible

4. Proven strategies for enjoying Orlando with your kids

5. Everything you need to know to get around quickly and easily

The perfect vacation starts here. Simply sit back, relax and begin to read. Let the magic, found in and around Florida, do the rest.