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Welcome distractions

Today two distractions kept me from my keyboard, but only briefly.  First, an interview request from a London mag, then a copy of a Dubai mag in which I am quoted. All of my interviews now are about my first book which is almost two decades old - Women Who Love Men Who Kill. It was published in 1991 and not a week goes by without some radio, tv, magazine or newspaper journo trying to get me to answer the question: Why do these women do that? Today it was Fabulous Magazine, a London-based publication that is the supplement to the News of the World, the UKs biggest selling Sunday newspaper. Or so they tell me. The Dubai magazine came in the mail. VIVA is glossy and has pictures of models wearing designer clothing. I didn't read it, just glanced at the article I'm in. Have to get back to my keyboard to add to the very tiny manuscript of HER WAR. Next week I'll be at the Library of Congress and the U.S. Holocaust Memorial Museum in DC. Muriel - that's Muriel Gardiner, the subject of HER WAR - has papers at the Library and the USHMM has some collections on Austrian history during the years she was in Vienna saving people from the Nazis.