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Sacramento, CA
Jan 2010

Sheila Gautreaux-Lee is an ordained Interfaith Minister, a Licensed Unity Teacher, Inspirational Speaker, Author, Radical Forgiveness Coach & Teacher, Course in Miracles facilitator, Retired Opera Singer, Columnist, mother and grandmother. For the past 12 years, she has been presenting the esoteric teachings of Jesus and the Bible, along with tools for understanding and deepening the experience of prayer, meditation and forgiveness, in classes and workshops throughout the U.S., Canada and the Caribbean.  She is the founder and director of Spirit Wings Gospel Choir; and founder of Spiritual DIVAS: Divinely Inspired Visionaries . . . Awakened, a motivational and empowerment process for women.  Her powerful metaphysical column, Message for the Miracle-Minded, appeared monthly in the Spiritual Potential segment of empowermag.com for four and a half years.  She is the author of Praying Through A Storm: How Prayer Works, How to Make it Work For You, a book on the power and process of prayer, and Messages: Essays on a Spiritual Journey, an anthology of her metaphysical columns from 2001-2004.  She also has released a Meditation CD entitled Light Visions.


Marianne Williamson
Eckhart Tolle
Greg Braden
Barbara Marx Hubbard
Bruce Lipton
A Course in Miracles
Charles Fillmore
Eric Butterworth

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Revised edition of "Praying Through a Storm"
The Long Journey Home
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Gourmet cooking, Jazz, Dancing, Wine Tasting, Travel, Avid reader,Teapot/Cup & Saucer Collector, Movies, Football, Computer Games and Opera