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Rose of the Adriatic

Dr. Matthew Robbins is on a single-minded quest to prove that the visions of the gifted Anna Babic are merely a hoax. Matthew, burdened by an intrinsic sense of doubt resulting from a shattered faith, has been a disbeliever since childhood, and he refuses to believe that Anna is anything but a liar. Anna, highly regarded as a visionary in her community, is an honest and pure spirit whose religious convictions have brought Matthew into a direct line of conflict with her. But in the midst of his efforts to prove her wrong, Matthew begins to experience an unexpected turn in his perspective: though he seems incapable of surrendering his pessimism even in the wake of such overwhelming evidence to the contrary, he cannot help but admire Anna's genuine nature and gentle faithfulness. And Anna is starting to believe that Matthew is the man with whom she is destined to spend her life. Will this renowned visionary and her greatest critic find a connection that transcends the boundaries of belief? Can genuine faith heal even the greatest scars of doubt?
In the new faith-based romance by K.M. Daughters, Rose of the Adriatic, the conflict between faith and doubt takes the form of a seemingly impossible romance between the critical intellect and the faithful visionary. This collision of varying convictions is bound to captivate readers of all sorts, from those who find appeal in faith-based romances to those whose greatest passion is the story of an impossibly complex love.
K.M. Daughters, a pair of sisters who write cooperatively, are known for inspirational stories centered around a strong belief in love's potential to overcome even the greatest of barriers. "This tale is deeply spiritual while still being an excellent romance and well told story," writes Dee Dailey of The Romance Studio. Based upon an earlier novel entitled Jewel of the Adriatic, this award winning, praiseworthy novel is bound to capture the attention of readers of all sorts with its careful attention to faith's inherent power and ability to heal strong spiritual gashes in even the greatest and most firm disbelievers.