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Winning Trust to Save Our Universe

A visitor from another universe and slave to a terrible master, the psychic Kenna has come from a parallel dimension to prepare for an invasion.  When she meets werewolf Talon Marshall, she believes that she has discovered her confidant, but she cannot bear to reveal to him the secret of her mission.  And, although he wishes to possess her in every way, Talon feels that he must keep his distance for his own sake.  Will they learn to trust each other in time?  Or will it be too late for our universe?
    Dragon Moon, the new book from Rebecca York and the next installment in her paranormal romance series, is an excellent fantasy reading from an accomplished author of over more than one hundred books.  No stranger to the paranormal genre, York has been using her talent and knack for creating dimensional conflict interwoven with elements of romance to entrance readers with seductive and engaging stories for some time now.
    If you are a reader of the paranormal genre, or if you appreciate romance blended with otherworldly strangeness and fantasy, then Dragon Moon is highly recommended.