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What you might find between the covers of a used book...

What do condoms, bacon and a Mickey Mantel rookie card have in common? They were found between the pages of used books.

I read the most interesting blog today and just had to share. A bookstore called Unnameble Books posted a list of interesting items they've found between the pages of used books that have come into their possession. Abe Books went a step further and asked some other stores to list some of the items they have found in used books.
Here is the article

From 40 $1000 bills, to a strip of bacon and even a hand written letter from CS Lewis. There were odd things, obviously, but some that were very personal. Some things that dates from the 1950's and some from the 1800's.

Sometimes we don't think about the lives of the people who read a book. What was going on in their lives as they read? Were they escaping something? Did they have a long journey and needed a story for company?

The journey of a book is like the story's story. Who did it touch? Who did it change?

I love BookCrossing.com. Have you ever checked it out? People track a book and when others find it they log in the finding to this site. You really do see the journey a book takes. Here you can see how many people registered finding a book. It is updated hourly.

Have you ever found something inside of a used book? Or read notes made in a book and wondered why that passage, sentence or information was so important to the reader before you?

If you have a story to share about a used book, finding one, or finding something inside one, please share!