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The Vampire King

The Vampire King is a book that I wrote years ago. It is actually book 3 of the Circle of Seven series. You don't have to read the first two books, you can jump right in.

It is not edited. It is as-is. It needs work, I know, but I have discovered that I'm not an author, I'm a storyteller.  Authors are professional writers who fine tune their craft and have patience and endurance. I love writing. I write because I have to, I can't not write.  It's a part of me. And I want to share my stories. But with so many wonderful authors out there I'm not sure if there's room on the bookshelf for my stories. So they will live here and on RECTV this fall. The entire Circle of Seven Series will be put up on Reader's Entertainment TV. Then, I will write new stories according to the storylines that my readers choose.

The Vampire King is the story of Cyrus, the king of vampires is part of the Circle of Seven. The Circle of Seven is a preternatural government unknown to man. Cyrus has been waiting for daughter of the King of Immortals who legend says will give him great power.  But someone else wants that power. And the King of Immortals doesn't want anyone around his beautiful daughter.

This story is different from the first two in a few ways. The first two books are written in first person. The Vampire King is not. The Vampire King introduces ghouls and zombies and there's a few scary elements along the way. I don't go for anything gross, but there are some creatures called "The Whisperers" that are a bit ugly, still not gross.

This is also my tribute to my favorite book of all time; Jane Eyre. Cyrus is vampire equivelent to Mr. Rochester.  

Please feel free to leave comments. All chapters will be here before the end of this week. If people seem to enjoy it I'll put up the other two books.