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Sex, Religion and/or Politics

Sex, Religion and/or Politics: Are they the big taboos? What about tidy rooms, homework, exams, or even the dreaded college aps? What about spouses reminding spouses how much easier life would be if they both had jobs, conveniently forgetting of course that one's working well over part-time keeping track of the other? What about laughing at someone's favorite TV program, pouring scorn on their favorite sport, or, heresy of heresies, forgetting the name of a favorite team and player?

Nah, the big taboo is talking with your mouth full, or writing with your brain on overload. This blogging thing gets too much like hard work sometime, so here goes...

Sex: Female. Religion: Christian. Politics: No thank you.

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Sex, Religion and/or Politics

Sex and religion are inextricably intertwined in the East. A woman can never be a priestess in a Hindu temple or the Mullah in a Mosque. In an Indian temple women may pray, but they can only be sexual slaves of the priests in the hierarchy of the temple's management. They are wedded to the ruling deity of the Temple and are sexually exploited by the priests on that pretext, as the latter represent the deity in mortal form. Women cannot go inside a temple if they are menstruating. Many muslim women live for those five days in another house, specially contructed for this purpose. Also, if a muslim woman is divorced by her husband, and the husband wants to re-marry her susequently, she has to have sex with another man before she re-marries her former husband. When Indian women were widowed they could not wear any adornments, were forced to wear simple clothes and, in earlier times, their heads were shaved, and they were expelled to a place of pilgrimage for penance , where they were exploited sexually by the local priests. On the contrary, in Ancient India, women wielded a lot of political power, they had a say in making laws, the Kings were under their thumbs, they dressed very provocatively,sex was a ritual to be enjoyed to the fullest, they had multiple sexual partners, and went outdoors at night in groups dressed to kill, to enjoy the night life.