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Thank you so much for your feedback Ryoma! I’ll totally check out your wife’ blogs! She runs so many, maybe she could give me some tips on how she juggles so many things at once. I mean, I’m pretty good at multi-tasking but damn!

                Unfortunately I misplaced my book for a couple of days, so I’m still on “Strangers.” Though I have gotten through a couple more chapters. I’m still just as hooked as before, I’m also still not quite sure what’s going on. Thus far the plot has been moving the characters along. A couple different people, strangers to each other, that live in different cities in the United States, have been having different kinds of mental breakdowns. These characters all live vastly different lives but it seems as if they share the cause of these breakdowns. The secret lies somewhere in their collective past. Some sort of experience that they’ve all blocked. It’s really interesting so far and I can’t wait to finish reading it!

                The reason as to why I misplaced my book in the first place is because I’m going through this wonderful thing in my pregnancy known as nesting. Nesting is caused by this neat hormone that is released that pretty much tells the mommy to: “Get off your prego butt and get this world ready for your baby!” Then you pretty much clean neurotically, prepare the baby’s nursery and bite off anyone’s head who gets in your way. Luckily for me we’ve been in the process of moving for the last two weeks. Packing, cleaning, unpacking and organizing has been my life. But I packed up my book in a random box o’ books instead of putting it in my shoulder bag o’ stuff that I’d need immediately. Or course I’ve found it now and my growing family’s new home is beautiful. I’m almost completely finished with unpacking and I’ve organized everything so wonderfully. All of our stuff (since I’m a book worm and my fiancé is an avid action figure collector) fits rather snuggly in our tiny one bedroom house, but it’s all so perfect. Nesting complete, everything is ready and waiting for the arrival of our child!

Weekly word count: 3,774

                I’ve worked quite a bit on my story but I’m still only on chapter 2. I’m starting to get the feeling that my chapters may be a bit too long, though I say everything that is needed. Maybe I tell more than what is needed. Well this is only rough draft number 2 so I’ll just keep on writing till I figure it out! The best thing that’s come forward recently from my writing of this novel is my characters. They’re starting to form themselves within my world. At least to me, and I hope, when I finally get published, with the readers as well. So far, out of my 3 main characters, Eliot, Elliese, and Emile, I have to say that Emile is my favorite, but I couldn’t quite tell you why.