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Not married quite yet,but engaged, we haven't set a date yet.
May 2010

And that is just what I am striving to do. I'm Shayne Dawn Adelman, soon to be Shayne Dawn Kost, and I enjoy writing. Period. I'm 22 years old and since I was in the 2nd grade I knew what I wanted to do with my life. I enjoy writing everything, but mostly magical realism, fantasy, and other types of fiction. I do enjoy writing the odd poem here and there, and essays about what I think is important and what people should know more about. I love reading almost everything as well. I strive to learn something new everyday. In one month I will become a mother, and this terrifies me. But I know I'll do a great job and I hope that I can instill in my child the same love for the written language that I have. I also hope that by the end of this year I will have published my first novel. I grew up and still live in Casper Wyoming, and I plan on staying here for at least a little while longer, so my child can get to know his or her roots and family. Though I would love to travel more often, I don't get to. I hope to make new friends here on Red Room, this is the first site like this that I've ever tried out!

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*deep breath* Of course writing, reading, running, hiking in the mountains, going to the dog park, writing, shopping, climbing, drawing, playing some video games, surfing the internet, writing, listening to music and zoning out, learning something new everyday, doing laundry, I love doing laundry, But not cleaning, writing, cooking sweet stuff, eating icecream, taking pictures, writing, um, and writing. I'm sure I like to do many other things, like I enjoy making lists, that I'm forgetting to put down, but it's not like me telling you what I like doing is going to give you a good view of who I am.