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White Man Announces he Never Dated Black Woman on Date

Elmhurst, Il

"I told all of my friends before the date, I just had to tell her" said Kevin Christopher 39 of Elmhurst during the Dave and Buster's blind date from a popular online dating website.

"I know a lot of black women, and worked with them too. I love Black Comedy Clubs! I have thousands of songs in my iPod Touch of every single black recording artist since 1950. I have always been afraid to ask them out. Now that both my parents are dead, I figured I would take a chance!"

The date started off well enough with Mr. Christopher coming early with a rose and his copy of Jungle Fever.

"I wanted to make an impression. I figured she was probably used to her other dates being late, so I made sure I got there early. I'm not a player, yup!"

Unfortunately the date was not what Jill Friedman, 35 of Chicago was expecting

"When I got there he fawned over the fact that I was early. Then he gave me the rose, told me he wasn't a player and asked if I saw the DVD extras of Jungle Fever." an exasperated Friedman recalls. "He then asked me what I wanted to eat and I looked at the menu and the grilled chicken with capers looked good. He then proceeded to start doing misquoted Dave Chappelle jokes about chicken being delicious. At first I thought he was being silly. I really honestly thought that he was doing this because he was just sort of a naturally funny, witty and an amusingly facetious guy.  

That was until the whole I never dated a black woman thing happened" recalled Freidman.

Robert and Carol Gross of River Forest, Illinois who sat at table 29 of Dave and Busters recounted the scene from the table across from Friedman and Christopher

"We felt so bad for this woman said Robert Gross. She sort of sat there with this look of 'Please someone save me' on her face. She shot us a look. We felt so bad for her for being with such a numbnuts"

"I was ready to ignore it all when she said she had been on dates and relationships with other white men" said Carol Gross, "But I think it was that moment he asked if they were all Jewish because of her last name was the moment the live 80's retro band that was playing was no longer interesting."  

Mr. Christopher blames society and the dating website for his bad dating experience with his first date with a black woman ever.

"The thing that bothers me is when she left. She said it was good meeting me, paid for the entire bill, shook my hand and left! It was APPARENT she was not interested! Where was the screaming! Where was the OH NO YOU DIDENT She didn't roll her neck once! When you put African American in your profile...one would think you would BE African American. Friedman? What sort of name is Friedman? There should be screening on these sites!"

Ms. Friedman is a little more optimistic regarding future dating with the website .  

"I would say I would probably not have another date with Mr. Christopher" Friedman states "But I got a lifetime of free service from this website and I heard a really good version of 'Time After Time' that night from the band.