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The Pregnancy Diaries 2008: Unborn Baby Supports Liar's Diary!
Unborn Baby says: Read Liar's Diary!

January 28th 2008
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Press Release
Unborn Baby Supports Liar's Diary

In a surpise prenatal visit, the fetus of Shaun Landry redacted any heatbeat sounds and instead released this statement via Stethoscope:

My mom cannot wait to read The trade paper release of the Liar's Diary tomorrow!

The six week old fetus, having a hard time speaking as its mouth is not fully formed and his voice muffled under layers of fat said: As a fetus I would only hope this: That my mother would lie her ever living guts out if I came out of this place I'm in now and was suspected of murder!

Both mother and fetus agree that Ms Francis latest work blends truth with incredible storytelling. The baby then tapped out in Morse code Where you can buy the book online.


Upon listening to the response of the fetus, Kaiser Nurse Diane Singh said "How the hell is this happening? I mean its a fetus. Come on...is there a camera in here? Come on...stop messing with me!"

The father could not be reached for comment.