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Quadriplegic Released from California Prison. Runs Over Woman with Chair.

"We told you so" said Nancy McAfee of the California State System upon the news that Richard Rodriguez, 43 who in 1998 was sentenced to 175 years in prison for beating and raping a San Leandro woman, was paroled on the new law to release 330,00 prisoners from California Institutions.  

Initially Mr. Rodriguez, who was stabbed by Louis "Crazy Eye" Hoffenbach in 2003 when Rodriguez called him a "Bitch Ass Nazi" that left him a Quadriplegic, was denied parole as being "Not only amazingly violent, but sort of a real D-Bag" states McAffee.

This was until the State of California, prison officials and others realizing the cost of keeping Mr. Rodriguez incarcerated for his medical condition was more than keeping him in, he was released last month, until the tragic incident that occurred three days after his release.

"It was horrible".  Said 32 year old Claire Cross of Murrieta.  "I was just standing at the bus stop and I saw him coming along in his wheelchair.  I thought I would be nice and just move out of the way for him to get on the bus.  He didn't stop.  He ran right over me".

Ms. Cross was left with bruises on the legs and upper torso.  People who witnessed the attack were also horrified.

"Who knew a dude with no use of his body can cause so much damage?"  Said Ted Strick also from Murrieta.  "It was not like he was going really fast either.  I mean, I would have gotten out of the way, but I can see how you would think: 'Well, this guy can't do too much damage.'"

Mr. Rodriguez instance has now caused major concerns for other inmates with physical concerns looking for release.  Ms. McAfee believes this is a watershed case to keep other inmates of this par behind bars.

"How do we know Alzheimer's inmates are not going to remember how heinous they were" states McAfee.  Is there a true certainty that they won't find a cure for inmates with severe Multiple Sclerosis, Cerebral Palsy or Comatose Brain Injury?  For every cure, there is danger."