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People Fawn Over Marble Event They Thought Would Never Work.

Nashville, Tennessee

An abundance of congratulations and well done's have flooded the inbox of Mavis Willoughby upon the news that her First Annual Glass Marbles Cocktail Event was a major success, from people who thought not more than two days ago that this was the stupidest shit on the face of the planet.

"I'm so tickled with the kind words!" Squealed 50 year old Willoughby. "Why three of these people who I could not even get to respond to the invitations want to sign up for next year the moment they found out everyone had fun. Especially *the really popular people who had fun*."

Stephanie Darns 29, who not more than a day before the event was heard saying The Marble Cocktail Event (located in a huge slanted Tree in Nashville) would be: "An event that will go down as some lame bullshit with Willoughby in a tacky dress crying by herself" was the first to post on her Facebook wall: "We were all rooting for you! I can't wait to be in a tree with you next year!"

"I want to see the marble videos! I'm so sad I missed this great gathering! Whatever you need me to do!" Said 33 year old Frank Courtland, who before he saw more popular people raving about it on Twitter turned down the request of making postcards and instead passed out fake ones via emails calling the event the "Lost Your Fucking Marbles Cock and Balls Event"

"Sure. I thought it would never take off. We all thought who the hell wants to climb in a tree and play marbles in good clothes?" Said Brad Whatley 31 who took the time out to do the Jerk Off Move the moment Willoughby walked away after handing him a flyer for the event. "That was until it was listed in all the Nashville newspapers as kitschy amazing fun by some well known writers we have been trying to get at our stuff. I say Kudos to Mavis! I will be friending her on Facebook soon! "

Willoughby is excited about next year's event: "It will be great. I got an email from Alexandria Joyce saying she wants to attend and sent me Paypal money already! Why just last week when I was at this party and I told her me and my hubby were doing this and I said proceeds were going to the women and men trying to have children who can't? I thought she was being pretty horrible for saying, 'Maybe these men shouldn't cum on these women's faces!' walked away laughing and then posted a Youtube video about it at some other event the very next day. Now she is giving me money! I'm SO EXCITED!"

Willoughby and her husband Stanley, 55 have been trying to have children. They stopped when Mavis had an ectopic pregnancy almost killing her and never had the courage to inform anyone.

"Oh well. Even if she knew it probably wouldn't have mattered. She's a horrible person. All of them are" Willoughby gleefully stated .

"But, they like me now! I'm finally popular! That's all that matters now...right?"