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Oct 2011

I recently published WILD ABOUT HARRY - A friend who knew him well remambers HARRY REEMS. It's a very personal look at the life of Herb Streicher, who, after the release of the movie DEEP THROAT, became the porn icon known as Harry Reems. It's about his early life as a struggling actor in New York City, his crucifixion by the Nixon Justice Department, his life in the gutter as a drunk and drug addict, and his final redeption - finding sobriety, love, God, and happiness in the mountains of Utah. It's available in hardcover, and as an eBook.

I'm presently writing two more books - both memoirs. The first is about growing up in the restricted community of the Forest Hills Gardens, whose residents kept circling their wagons until nothing or no one unwanted could penetrate the barrior. It's about anti-Semitism, and nuns and neo-nazis, oh, and surviving puberty in the time of Mickey Mouse Club. The second is about my life in Manhattan during the Seventies, the last great romantic decade. It’s the story of my sex addiction. The story of a guy with an Irish Catholic upbringing whose fascination with all things sexual became a chronic problem that took over his life. It’s the story of New York street life in the late Sixties; the runaways, the hustlers, the dirty bookstore owners, the whole sleazy underbelly of a city going through a great moral transition. It’s the story of how kid a from Queens learned how to make porno movies, and began a sixteen year journey of sexual decadence and depravity that was almost acceptable behavior in a time when America was going through a revolution of sexual curiosity and expression that began with Woodstock and ended with Aids. I have turned down two offers from publishers on the Seventies book. The imprints were too obscure, and neither had a clear plan to publicize the project, without which, books like this one die on the store shelves. 

And, if that isn't enough, I'm managing an ever-growing Blog, which consumes more of my time each day: shauncostello.com for those who are curious. I think I need a life away from this computor. I suppose if you want to know more, you can always Google me, but, although the internet is a source of information, only some of it is true. You'd do better to just ask.

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