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Standing at my kitchen window I see the moon. The fresh-picked basil and spinach leaves are draining in the colander. The aroma of the sliced peaches (once frozen)  grilling is sweetly heady and sensuous.

I pick up the velvety leaves with both hands and breathe in their earthiness.  I am revived.  I check the sizzling yellow fruit and turn back to the window.  The moon is slipping behind the mountains beyond the lights of Las Vegas.  I am struck by the size and color.  It’s entrancing, as if a slice of peach has been slung at the sky and pierced the darkness.

 My mind is peaceful as I watch the night change and the peaches change, and I change.

The salad bowl will boast a garden of green with golden moon shapes. I’ll sprinkle it with bleu cheese crumbles. They will be the stars in this celestial meal. I will eat it in the light of several tall pillar candles…with strains of Kenny G in the background.

It’s a moment of color and creation…and I must savor both...alone.

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Very nice, Sharon

the juxtaposition of the moon and the peach slices.  The changes within and without...nan

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Thank you, Nan

I actually have a pic of the moon, but had difficulty uploading it.

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Succulent piece Sharon. mx

Succulent piece Sharon. mx

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Thank you, Mary.

Idon't cook much anymore.  Since it's just me.  But I look at the moon a lot. (^_^)

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The moon can inspire, comfort

The moon can inspire, comfort and guide. Happy St. Brigid's Day Sharon. 

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Lá Fhéile Bríd shona daoibh!

Drink beer and smile...(^_^)

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Nice job on the Irish!

Nice job on the Irish! Impressed. mx

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Very nice.

Lovely evening and lovely blog. Very fine writing.   The salad sounded spectacular, and I know there were those who longed to share it as well as the moon with you.

Congrats on being on the most commented tonight.  I've been away from home, so this was one of the first things to catch my attention tonight. 


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Thank you.

I wish someone was here to share it with me.

I so appreciate you taking the time to comment.