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Boomers and Books

Rough estimates suggest there are around 78 million American Baby Boomers between the ages of 46 and 65 alive today. That’s a lot of folks. A lot of history.

I’m part of a group of authors of the Baby Boomer demographic. We got to talking about how difficult it is to reach individuals like ourselves who have a broad range of life experiences and enjoy reading a wide range of stories. Those who would not necessarily define themselves as readers of any particular genre.  

Several of us came together to publish a review/blog site for just such an audience. We are calling it Boomers and Books. We have written a few reviews and blogs and have put up a poll on the front page asking readers what sorts of posts they would most like to see.

This is not to suggest Boomers don’t read genre. Of course they do. And it’s not to suggest those younger/older than Boomers don’t enjoy non-genre books. Of course they do. We simply wanted a venue for those who may go looking for stories outside of genre or with protagonists whose perspectives reflect a mature gamut of life experiences.  

Have a look at the site. We would love to have your comments/opinions here or there.

Sharon Tillotson, author of:
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What a Coincidence!

I, too, am a "Baby Boomer"! I thought I was the last one! Now I don't feel so alone! Thanks!

I just stopped by for a quick look. Very clean & straighforward. I'll check it out more closely soon. Thanks.

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Hey, us BBers are predicted

Hey, us BBers are predicted to live a long long time. We're just getting started! :-))