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A Second Thanksgiving. I'm grateful for... Technology!

When I wrote about our Canadian Thanksgiving earlier, I was focussed on taking the time to reflect upon all we have for which to be grateful. And of course that is a valuable thing to do ~ every day.

Today is Thanksgiving for my neighbours to the south and as I ruminated upon it, my mind came at it from a broader perspective. I am one who embraced new technology early on. Just yesterday my kids gave me a new Kindle. It was supposed to be a Christmas present –indeed it still is - but fate intervened and it came to me early. I am beyond excited about the possibilities of this gadget. I was fortunate enough to get a smart phone this summer and intend to buy an ipad when the next generation comes out. With just one click of a button or tap of a finger I can access unlimited wonders. Yesterday I received by email a YouTube video which was so uplifting I posted it to Facebook. The whole thing took only minutes.

Today I am grateful that we have developed the technology which enables us to think and to be as One World. Today we communicate not only in words, voice and static pictures, but also in video, and this communication reaches everywhere humans exist. Though of course there are still areas where the technology is not readily available, still it is amazing just how far the reach is. When I visited Thailand several years ago everyone it seemed, even those living on the streets, carried mobile phones. Soon enough most will have tablets with built-in worldwide WiFi coverage. Soon enough we will see outside our limited vision and begin to think as one world community which needs to be nurtured by all.

That I believe is the promise of technology. It may seem funny coming from a writer but I believe these new forms of instant communication will bring Humans together in a way that has never been before. Could it be then that peace will finally come to the World. Imagine the expansion we could accomplish when that happens.

Happy Thanksgiving everyone!

Sharon Tillotson, author of:
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I agree

You know that is so true what you say. If we know one another if that country or those people become real to use not faceless it the hope that our humanity kicks in and we start to work together. Something Deepak Chopra said, that which we don't understand we demonize. When we get to know 'those' people we find out that they are just like us. Just the same. We are all part of the same human family.

Charon Graham