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Choices early in life are important.  You can chose to be a liar or a truthful person; decide to keep your word once it's given, or not.  Do you honor vows of fidelity?  Practice moderation? Do you spend money/time/energy on things you considered vital, or follow priorities set by others?

I did not plan to marry, until I found the perfect man. He suited me. Forty-six years later, he still does. I asked him recently what he would have done differently in our lives together.  He thought long, then said he might have had two more children (we have four).  "Stuff" wears out.  Styles change.  We are not financially wealthy, but we are comfortable.  Mostly, however, we are joyful, content with the riches we have.  Aging is lovely, but early choices may have helped make it that way.