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When I write, I normally know what genre I am writing in. That is, until I wrote my most current release DIRT.  It didn't seem to fall within the usual genre's. It isn't a thriller, a sexy romance, or even mainstream drama. It doesn't have werewolves or vampires, not even a glint of...
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Is it just me or has the world of journalism become lazy? It seems lately the news is full of lazy dialogue. When, as professionals, did we start calling children kids, kidnapped as snatched, and the president as “Obama”? Is it not the duty of professionals to have the highest of standards? Or have...
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If Truth Be Known
In today's competitive world of publishing, I sometimes find the wait from completing a novel to being accepted by an agent or publisher more trying than writing a four-hundred page novel. As a writer, the story seems to runs straight from my mind to my fingers on a keyboard, sometimes faster than...
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