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Romantic Suspense at its Finest
Date of Review: 
C. Hope Clark, FundsforWriters.com, South Carolina USA

Sharon Pennington's romantic suspense pulls you in and wraps you in a mystery laced with sexual energy. This plot and beautifully crafted set of characters will keep you up late and force you to finish the story in one sitting. Mangroves and Monsters serves as both a sequel to her first release Hoodoo Money and a stand-alone, but either way, you won't put it down. It's that intriguing and flows that easily. Cooper seeks his love and ex-supermodel Angeline even after being told she'd died in an accident. On the Caribbean island of Jacqueme Dominique he locates not only her but his young son conceived in a moment of passion years ago. But another has followed Cooper, an enemy who still haunts Cooper's dreams. Passion, deceit, murder, and abduction embroil family and friends in a tropical novel that will leave you craving another sequel from this author. Trust me. Pennington can spin a story.