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Finding a suitable match for his spoiled daughter, Princess Rose, proves quite the challenge for King William in Susan Ross’ THE ROSE AND THE LILY (ISBN 10: 0981063462, ISBN 13 978-0981063461, 36 pages).

Knights are too tall or too short. Lords too plump or thin. Too old fashioned. Not rich enough.

King William’s pampered princess cannot be pleased!

Even the incredibly handsome Prince Sterling is too handsome.

“I want everyone to look at me,” wails Rose. “Not you.”

What’s a gorgeous prince on a fine white steed to do? Is there a smidgeon of hope for some peace and quiet for King William?

Rose will only agree to Prince Sterling’s marriage proposal if he brings her the finest hairpin in all the land. But the prince is not swayed. For certainly he has undertaken more difficult tasks and triumphed.

The perfect hairpin? Consider it done. Smitten by Rose’s beauty, Prince Sterling sets out on his quest with enthusiasm.

Should this flawless hairpin be made of dazzling diamonds - or a peacock’s plumes? Perhaps a seashell shaped from dragon scales will do.

Aided by Lily, an ordinary village girl, for water and food and rest the handsome prince finds and carries each treasure back to Rose. And each time the princess rejects his gift, she becomes less and less appealing. For what depth is Rose’s beauty if she does not treat others with warmth and kindness?

With story-telling elegance, Susan Ross weaves a surprise twist into THE ROSE AND THE LILY and a lesson for young readers. The book is illustrated beautifully and in great detail by Megan Stiver. As with Ross’ prior books, the author tops off her tale by offering parents (and teachers) a step-by-step, interactive craft “Make a Crown” to do with their children.

I’ve reviewed three of Ross’ books now and this is my favorite. THE ROSE AND THE LILY is fanciful and fun, and sure to capture the hearts and imaginations of children ages 6 through 12. I give this one five stars and as a grandmother of five, a hearty recommendation.

Susan Ross has also authored The Kit Kat Caper, The Great Bellybutton Cover-up and Say Please to the Honey Bees. You can learn more about Ms. Ross and her future projects at http://www.susanross.ca. THE ROSE AND THE LILY is available through Amazon and other fine booksellers. (Reviewed by Sharon Cupp Pennington, author of Hoodoo Money & Mangroves and Monsters)