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Tehran Prison

Back in the 60's I found myself imprisoned in Tehran for crimes I did not commit. My only offense was making my husband angry.  A lovely American woman, whose husband worked for the Iranian/American Oil Consortium, came to my rescue, convinced my Iranian husband, and a plethora of prison officials to release me into her custody until the trial date.  This wonderful couple not only helped me out of deep trouble, but had extended a helpful hand to many others, both American and Iranian.  My story eventually ended well, as being deported was quite like Bre' Rabbit being thrown in to the briar patch, but my heart goes out to those wrongly imprisoned at this very moment in Tehran.  I am thinking of the three American hikers, as well as the woman accused of adultry who has been sentenced to death.  I am also thinking of the well being of her lawyer and his family.  Oh that someone would extend a hand of help to them!