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Connecting to my Amazon.com Author Page

For some writers this is no big deal. But for me, a first-class techniphobe, this is a big step.  My hope is that my Redroom blogs, infrequent as they are, will now appear on my Amazon.com author's page.  So I will keep this entry short and to the point.  With a new book coming out this fall, THE TIME OF JACOB'S TROUBLE,   I need to get my message "out there".  Every day I pray for that elusive "word of mouth" that will miraculously put me on the best sellers' list.   And dear friends, I have decided to promote my novels as historical romances, not Middle East  thrillers that involve a mysterious and elusive character such as the Muslim messiah.  Readers just are not that interested in esoteric subjects, yikes where is spell check when I need it.  To the point, my hero, Ari is a very romantic fellow and the love of his life, Lily, is a bigger than life heroine.  The "Who's the Mahdi" theme, like the "Whose a Jew" theme are of interest to very few readers, at least in the Western world.  But like Jane Austen knew so well, everyone loves a well written romance story with a happy ending.