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Tip 79: Photocopy All the Important Items in Your Wallet

Take 10 minutes to photocopy all of the important items in your wallet right now. Be sure to photocopy the back and front of your driver’s license, credit cards and other identifying information. Keep the photocopies somewhere locked and safe in your home or office.  Hopefully your wallet is never stolen or lost, but if it is, you will now have all of the important phone and account numbers you need in order to have the accounts closed or your cards replaced.

(10-Minute Tidy: 108 Ways to Organize Your Home Quickly; Office, pg. 136)

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Percentage of those that actually do???

How many people do you think follow this rule? I know that sometimes we can all take our wallets and purses for granted... heck, we do the same about our mobile phones, but we need to make a backup... as for the phones, I would recommend a weekly or bi-weekly update! What are your thoughts regarding that in particular?