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Shannon Looper's Biography

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Dallas, Texas
May 2012

Shannon has a diverse background that gives him unique perspectives on life and a variety of subjects. His father was in the military so he spent his childhood in several cultures in the US and Europe. Always inquisitive and easily bored, Shannon has held many jobs. He has worked as an analyst for the world's largest defense contractor, a bouncer in the world's largest honky-tonk, a mechanic, a factory worker, a sales engineer for the worlds largest industrial software provider, a controls system engineer, a software engineer, a business analyst, an introduction leader for a personal development training company, been in several MLMs, and has owned and operated his own business.

Shannon considers himself an "Old Hippie" and as such is socially liberal and has an affinity for the "counter culture generation". His interests and education range from physics to psychology and neurology to ontology.

His diverse background in interests, education, and experience give him unique perspectives and insight into current affairs and the human condition.

Shannon hold a B.S. in Electronics and is currently looking for the 'right' place to pursue a PhD.

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