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I know that no one actually likes a show off, but would you consider tolerating one for a moment?

I received my first bit of press in the Times (okay, in the Almaden Times not the New York Times) regarding my new direction into motivational speaking. I hope you'll give it a click! http://www.almadentimes.com/111308/times.htm

Just as we know from our experience in the Red Room, it's all about building community, people.

I gave my speech again today to my public speaking instructor and his new batch of students to enthusiastic reviews. Now, the million dollar question... can I make a living on a message of unity and hope? The way I see it, not every organization can fly in the likes of Obama or Oprah for inspiration, so I am going after the coveted knitting club and stamp collector unions... and any others you would be generous enough to refer me to.

I hope that you'll read the article linked above while pondering the groups you're involved with to see if I might be able to re-energize them for another year of service.



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Great props, Shana!  And

Great props, Shana!  And please, show off.  So often, what we do just gets shoved under the mat, and it's wonderful to be directed to good words about you.  Congrats.



Jessica Barksdale Inclan www.jessicabarksdaleinclan.com

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Thanks so much for indulging me, Jessica!

Walking taller,


Shana McLean Moore www.caffeinatedponderings.com www.sunnysidecommunications.com

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show-offs rule!

I love a show-off! But then again, I am one! I wish more people would shine their lights, as it encourages others to do the same. We should all take pride in our accomplishments.

So, take your bragging rights as far as they'll drive you, Shana. You earned them!

Congratulations on the first big mention of your new venture! You were acknowledged for living out your passion. What could be better? (Answer: nothing.)

Way to go! 

Katie Burke

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Many thanks!

Many thanks to my long lost twin, separated by about 10 years and 40 miles! (It must have been hell on Mom carting you around in utero for that extra decade.)

Thanks so much for the support, Katie. I just love knowing who my kindred spirits are!


Shana McLean Moore www.caffeinatedponderings.com www.sunnysidecommunications.com

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new motivational direction

Bravo!! Always celebrate nice events!

I think your message of community, hope and unity is perfect for our time.  It meshes well with PrezElect Obama's goals.

It would be great if you motivate people in different political parties to remember they are part of a community.  I was a shy about speaking my mind when we lived in a small town in Connecticut for fear people would become angry and a fight would start.   Even in my own party The Dems, but also when with my Republican and Green neighbors.

I wonder if contacting local political parties and grassroot environmental organizations would give you a few customers.  Also I did volunteer work on a town committee.  Sometimes very sensitive people are together on those committees. I bet there are towns near you that could use a pep talk on community on their town boards, school boards or PTA!

You have a unique talent! People need what you have to offer!

Sending u the best thoughts for success!


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Thanks so much!

I really appreciate your enthusiasm and suggestion for possible contacts, Vicki!


Shana McLean Moore www.caffeinatedponderings.com www.sunnysidecommunications.com